Selected Discography


Daniel's primary performance instruments are bass, guitar, drums, keys, and voice.  His playing, songwriting, and composing have been featured on releases by major and independent record labels including Universal, Republic, Sony BMG, V2, RedBull, Sub Pop, Kung Fu, Atmospheriques, Glitterhouse, and Southern.  He has written hundreds of songs as well as major works for choir, orchestra, string quartet, wind quintet, harp trio, and various other ensembles. His music has been featured on television networks including MTV, Nickelodeon, and NBC, and in major motion pictures from Universal, Paramount Pictures, and Comedy Central.

Daniel Brummel formed Sanglorians as the main vehicle for his songwriting in September 2010, and the debut album "Initiation," was released in October 2013. Critic Kevin Bronson of BuzzBands LA described it as "a maniacal collision of power-pop and prog-rock that at times has the feel of a shredder crashing orchestra practice." The Deli Magazine called it "incredibly infectious... gushing with celebratory harmonies that vibrate with life," and referred to the album's first single, "Everybody Likes A Pretty Girl," as "a snarky assessment on how American society places physical beauty on a pedestal." The band, which has included members Morgan Paros (violin), Ihui Wu (trumpet), Jonathan Gomez (guitar), Jeremy Keeler (bass), and Matt Mayhall, Andrew Lessman, and Tobias Smith (drums) is expected to release their second full-length album soon.

Ozma’s sound is a mix of nostalgic new wave–influenced power pop and contrapuntal Casiotone-driven melodies sustained by heavy guitar riffs. Daniel Brummel was a founding member as bassist and lead vocalist. Since their formation in September 1995, Ozma has released five studio albums and toured the U.S., Japan, and Canada more than thirty times, including extensive touring with stylistically similar groups including Weezer, Nada Surf, Rilo Kiley, Superdrag, The Rentals, and Rooney.



“What is fidelity, but truth to one’s intent?” — Don Buchla


As a music producer, Daniel seeks to clarify each artist’s intention and achieve their highest musical vision.  Through accuracy and finesse in rhythm, melody, harmony, phrasing, lyrics, arrangement, and sonic character, Daniel’s productions achieve clear meaning and strong emotional impact.  Daniel guides projects from their inception all the way to the finish line, starting with song structures and preproduction, through capture of powerful rhythm tracks, tight vocal arrangements, “ear candy” overdubs, and finally into clear, colorful mixes and delivery to a favored mastering engineer.


Daniel has worked closely alongside top industry producers, engineers, and mixers including Grammy-winners Neal H. Pogue (Outkast/TLC) and Reggie Dozier, Matt Hyde (Porno For Pyros), Chris Fudurich (Nada Surf/Jimmy Eat World), Shawn Everett (The Strokes/Weezer), Gus Seyffert (Black Keys/Beck), Matt McClellan (Devil Wears Prada), Billy Burke (Ozma), and Bruce Witkin (The Blasters/Adam Ant).

Daniel graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts in 1999, and received his bachelor’s degree in music composition from UCLA in 2006 after studying with esteemed composers, theorists, and instrumentalists including Paul Chihara, David Lefkowitz, and Kenny Burrell. In 2016, Daniel will graduate from CSULA with an a master’s degree in commercial music, where his mentors include Steve Wight and Ross Levinson.


As a music educator, Daniel has serves as the Director of Education the California College of Music, where his method book “Harmonia: Popular Music Theory” is the standard music theory text. Courses he has taught at CCM include music theory, composition, contemporary ensemble, improvisation, sight-reading, rhythm, and lyric writing. Daniel also leads community music events at diverse venues including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Hammer Museum, the Norton Simon Museum, and the Los Angeles Central Library.  In March 2011, Brummel was the Artist-In-Residence at the Machine Project Gallery in Los Angeles, where he hosted a series of events examining the connection between experimental music, meditation, spirituality, and dream work.


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